Jobs For Jobs Not LeBron

Published: Sunday, 17 May 2015 10:12
Written by Don Musilli

The people in America are still more ingrossed and impressed with athletic skills than science, math and technology skills. Yet there are few people who actually make any money in sports and even with the amazing growth in sports and the money being made by athletes, there is little economic trickle down to the masses. Sure restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions may benefit from the large crowds that attend the sporting events, but the majority of the jobs produced by these events are low paying, mostly minimum wage jobs.

EIC has been a strong proponent of finding ways to utilize 3D printing as a training tool to encourage children as young as 8 years of age to use their creative minds to actually make something to hold and use. This transition from drawing on a computer screen to creating something they can hold in their hand jump starts their opportunity to be a viable member of a productive society than using sports as a potential career vehicle. 

While many people may disagree with this philosophy, the fact that the rest of the world is moving ahead of the US in many areas should be of a concern for the US. All major corporations are looking for ways to compete in this constantly changing business environment and they recognize the need for technological skills sets to help them create new products, processes and concepts.

EIC has seen a growing interest in what we do and our on-going relationships with the school systems in the counties bordering Englewood, Florida. There are people in the educational community and business community that realize something needs to be done to encourage our youth to develop better skill sets that will create new businesses that can acually offer jobs to people that pay more than $10.00 an hour.

There is always resistance to new ideas and the older generation has some real issues with the speed in which technology is affecting their lives. The younger generation has little interest in going backwards and their life tie-in with digital technology will only widen the gap between the two groups. Yet this move into technology will eventually benefti everyone. Steve Jobs saw that need and recongized that barriers are only temporary and people will eventually realize the benefits of new technology, even if they don't always understand it.

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