The Z Gap

Published: Saturday, 21 March 2015 11:43
Written by Don Musilli

Working with four 3D printers can sometimes be a little daunting, especially when you are try to set the Z Gap. For those of you who have a 3D Printer you know what I mean. For the unititiated, the Z Gap is the distance from the tip of the extruder nozzle to the surface of the build platform ( or bed ). This distance is critical in making sure the object your are printing comes out looking like the one you designed on your 3D software.

The difficulty comes in setting the gap. I use a very thin piece of paper that seems to provide the optimum gap distance as I move the head around to different parts of the build plate to make sure the gap is the same from side to side and front to back. There are a few new printers that actually have self-leveling build platforms but they are also smaller machines.

EIC has been working with the 3D Printers for almost two years and uses them daily to print out parts for prototyping as well as promotional ifems and one of a kind products. Becuase of our reputation, EIC is now getting companie from as far as Orlando and Ft. Myers to work with us and our STEM engineering students to develop, design, print and build new product concepts.

Taking a new idea from drawing to finished production part is daunting. WIthout the use of 3D Printers most people would have to spend thousands of dollars and months to just come up with the prototype. EIC can go from concept to finished prototype often in less than two weeks and for 1/100th the cost. And, once we are done with the design, we give you the thumb drive with the g-code files so you can take it to any fabricator or injection molding company and have your parts or product made in quantity.

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