Open Source - Stay The Course

Published: Thursday, 13 November 2014 15:14
Written by Don Musilli

If the iconic corporate American structure is a bull-dozing Tank, then the ever evolving Open Source system is a F22 Raptor. The speed of information and idea exchange is absolutely amazing and getting faster and attracting more individuals and companies every hour. Yes, Open Source is the new way to make your ideas go and grow using a world-wide base of experts who believe that sharing information is better than keeping the advances in technology a secret. 

Open Source is counter intuitive to the standard create, design, patent and keep under wraps process that is typical of the corporations that spend Billions of dollars a year to keep their information proprietary. Corporations hold dear their patented processes as they need to stay ahead of their competition and also protect their shareholders vaule in their company. 

EIC has been a proponent of Open Source sharing as we have been slowly moving our 3D Printing equipment selections to the Lulxbot TAZ4 open source 3D printers. These units are extremely well built, can print in more than 8 different materials and can be modified to fit our specific requirements if we need to do that. And, the Lulzbot forum group offers an active group of like-minded individuals who are continuously experimenting with different materials and 3D design concepts. In addition, there are 3D groups and small companies around the globe that openly share their insights, ideas and failures with anyone who wants to reach out.

EIC recently acquired our 3rd Lulzbot TAZ4 3D printer and placed it at Lemon Bay High School, in Englewood, Florida. We have one in our facility and North Port High School, one of our first EIC program schools, has the other one. We anticiapte purchasing more of these units and the new MIni-TAZ units coming out in January of 2015.

As EIC continues to add more Schools and organizations to its "Connect-to-the-Community" programs we move closer to the Open Source systems and process as we belive this is the way future companies and creations will be built. This is not your Father's buisiness world anymore.