The Job Crisis Is Really A Skills Crisis

Published: Sunday, 23 February 2014 09:22
Written by Don Musilli there are thousands of articles on why the US companies are having a hard time finding skilled labor and why should I read this one? Well, our Center is designed to work with both High School and College engineering and science students as well as businesses and entrepreneurs and we see a trend that we believe will help counter the lack of skilled workers now being faced by most companies in the U.S.

The STEM programs or, Science, Technology, Engineering, Math are being pushed in the Florida school systems and we are working directly with these educational facilities in both Sarasota and Charlotte Counites. The level of math, science and engineering programs are first rate with many students taking advanced math and doing 3-Dimensional design using Solid Works and other courses that will prepare them for the new technological economy.

In four years the U.S. school systems will produce a larger number of engineers, scientists and advanced thinkers than we have in the past 15 years. However, these students will need help along the way in convincing them that pursuing a degree in science and engineering will be much more rewarding than a general business degree, journalism or law enforcement. The High School engineering classes we work with now have a better idea of why they are taking certain courses as we now connect them with some of our candidates showing them their skills have value in the outside world today.

Mentoring of students is done by three different groups; Educators/Guidance Couselors, Parents/Relatives, Pier Groups/Social Media. Of the three groups. those with the most influence are parents and pier/social media groups. Most parents discourage their children from going into manufacturing and tell them get a college degree and get a good job. This is actually counter-intuitive. Most new manfacturing jobs are high tech, using the latest in robotics and engineering design technologies thus requireing more advanced degreed people. 

Pier groups and social media hype the world of music, social media internet programs, Apps, software, games and a less career directed structure. This group has a lot of influence especially in the Junior and Senior High School levels. Often students who excell in math and science in High School will take a different path in College ( 2 or 4 year ) if they don't see a connection between Algebra and the perceived work world. Unless there is a direction connection between Chemistry Lab and the outside world, students will often gravitate to other areas like Nursing, Education, Business and Accounting. Not that these are less valuable skills, but the need for these disciplines is slowing down while the need for engineers and scientists is growing every day.

The world is much more competitive than ever before. Countries that are moving into the technology age with the greatest amount of scientific talent will become economic power houses. ( i.e. South Korea, Japan, Netherlands, China, Australia ). It is up to all of use to push our children into those fields that will help the U.S. stay even with the new technologies that will alter our lives in the very near future.

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