Why Change Is Difficult

Published: Tuesday, 18 February 2014 16:23
Written by Don Musilli

For most people just getting used to a new car and all the new buttons and accessories is enough to cause a significant amount of anxiety for a period of time. For those individuals who are finding that the job market no longer sees their current skill sets as viable, moving into the job market as a result of layoffs or downsizing at their current employer can be teriffying. 

There are signs everywhere that the majority of companies that produce a product or process are in critical need of employees who have technical/engineering/design skills that can help the company compete in an ever changing and technically progressive global economy.

It is no longer good enough to have years of experience in general business skills with a Bachelors Degree or in many cases a Masters Degree. Companies want to hire individuals who can immediately help them get new products, technologies and processes into the market to generate revenue as quickly as possible.

The South Koreans, Chinese, Japanese and even the Russians have been working on some of the latest technologies in areas such as Nanotechnology, OLED Technology and specialy alloys. These are products and processes that will have a major impact on almost everthing we do in the next two years. In addition, the new 3-D Printers are probably one of the most distruptive technologies to hit the planet. 

EIC has been working with Middle School, High School and College students to educate them on the development of hard technologies and explaining the need to take science, engineering and math courses to ensure they will have the foundation for moving into College and beyond.

Our goal is to expose students and entrepreneurs alike to the new tools available to help creative individuals take their ideas from paper to prototype to production in as short a period of time as possible. With some of the new tools now at EIC, like our MakerBot Digitizer and 3-D Printer, we can "fast-forward" your concepts into reality.

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