3-D Printer & Digitizer

Published: Thursday, 30 January 2014 13:22
Written by Don Musilli

EIC continues to look to technology to assist both entrepreneurs and students alike to fast-track their ability to develop "hard technologies." The most challenging issue for most individuals that have an idea for a product is first desiging it and second building a prototype. 

The design can be as simple as a sheet of paper although with the new computer software it is easy to produce a two or three dimensional drawing of the design. Getting someone to build it depends upon how detailed and/or sophisticated the design of the product. In most cases metal or plastic materials are used for prototyping, although wood and even cardboard can be used for simpler designs. To have a metal or plastic model produced means finding a machine shop or metal fabricator that can machine, cut, weld and stamp out compoents for your design. Using plastic requires, in most cases, some form of injection molding or modeling and that can be difficult to do for a one or two piece only product design. In either case, the prototyping can be very expensive and time consuming. 

The use of 3-D Printing technology allows for rapid three-dimensional designing with exacting measurements. Taking these designs from a wide variety of software packages is easier than ever allowing you to print out your design in less that five hours. The cost of 3-D Printing is 1/100th of what it costs to have a prototype made from a fabricator and 3-D Printing provides for rapid modifications, changes and alterations to your design often in less than one hour. 

EIC has recently ordered a new 3-D Printer from MakerBot. This is their new Replicator model that is their fifth generation unit. In addition, we have ordered one of their Digitizer units that allows us to take an existing product, scan it and digitize it into the MakerWare software, modify it and then print it out. This technology will make prototyping even easier for individuals who want to modify or alter an existing product or part. 

The barriers to entry for building products are large and it is our intent to help minimize those challenges and provide a much simpler, inexpensive method of getting someone's idea from paper to reality. All too often would-be entrepreneurs abandon their ideas and dreams because their initial entry into the world of manufacturing provides too expensive or too onerous. 

Our goal is to provide an easy, smooth and effective process to allow any entrepreneur ( at any age ) to take their idea to the next level which is the design and prototyping phase. It is easy and painless.

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